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DTCC Digital Assets creates a global, liquid and interconnected marketplace.

  • About

    DTCC Digital Assets’ Capital Markets Platform (CMP) brings together the critical elements of a successful digital assets marketplace. It includes automated and interoperable blockchain-based infrastructure, unique compliance aware tokenization services, advanced account management services, analytics and regulatory reporting, open APIs, and easy access through web portals and mobile apps.

    DTCC Digital Asset's Capital Markets Platform

  • Benefits

    • Hyper-scalable and secure cloud-based blockchain infrastructure orchestrate tokenization and transaction processing on public and private digital ledgers
    • A patented Compliance Aware Token® framework facilitates compliance with multi-jurisdictional requirements
    • Tokenization & Account Management Services incorporate compliance and transactional rules, as well as account management for the entire asset and transaction lifecycle
    • LedgerScan Web3 Analytics & Reporting scans and distills data from blockchains and other databases into actionable information to ensure transparency and support market requirements
    • Front-End web portals or mobile application user interfaces support workflows using APIs from the InfinXchange® API Micro-Services Bus

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